At Bluemarine Diamond, our passion and creativity in jewelry drives us to fulfill all of our customers desires on every level of self-satisfaction.

Being a part of the fine jewelry custom process provides a no-limit imagination to any jewelry you can possibly imagine.

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Bluemarine Diamond has made it easy for the public to access wholesale diamonds and fine jewelry all at wholesale prices.

We are located in the famous "Jewelers Row" diamond jewelry district Downtown Chicago . All of the jewelers in the midwest and throughout the United States shop in this district to stock their showrooms. We also trade with other dealers worldwide.

Now you have the opportunity yo access wholesale prices for all of your jewelry needs. From diamonds, colored stones, colored diamonds, cultured and freshwater pearls, finished jewelry, faux jewelry, men's and women's watches, engraved occasion gifts, etc....You name it we can get it done for you whether or not we stock the item. Because we are in the jewelry trade building, we can access almost any of your needs the same day while you wait. With our wholesale access, we can get the lowest prices guaranteed on any item you may have in mind.

Just give us a call and we will get some basic criteria for your appointment and walk you through the process that we will tailor to your unique request.

Bluemarine Diamond strongly believes that excellent customer service, quality,  passion and a range of choices to accomodate every price point are the key to earning a customer long term.  We respect that your jewelry is a very sentimental purchase and at Bluemarine Diamond we will maintain our promise to you.

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